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Electrochemical Etching Machinery
We Also Undertake Jobwork for Laser Marking and Chemical Etching as per Customer's Requirment.
  Manufacturer, Supplier of   Electro Chemical Etching   Machines Available in :

Hand Engraving Machines

We introduce ourselves as a leading Manufacturer, Supplier of electro-chemical etching machines and providing the customized attachment; automatic or semi-automatic to suit your application.

Hand Engraving Machines

Hand Engraving Machines

Yugma Electric Engraver is light in weight & can be used for engraving on glass,stone,plastics,metal,ceramic etc. You can make a custom designs, sign your work & even identify your valuables.

A stroke adjustment dial is given on the machine to regulate the engraving depth. Like Dial 1-3 for materials such as  Wood, leather, glass & plastic. Dial 4-5 for hard material like carbide, ceramic & hard steel.


1. 220V-240V AC, 50/60 Hz, 7-12 Watts.
2. Use like a pencil 
3. Engrave on wood, Ceramic, Plastic, Metals & Glass as well.
4. Stroke : 7200 strokes / min.

5. Adjustable stroke for different line sizes.